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"Daga, I just wanted to say “Thank you!” You’ve made such a difference in my life.  My partner and I could not be more pleased with the results! Thank you for the tools! You’ve changed my life for the better. You do great work!"


"My sessions with Daga have been very productive.  From what little experience I have with counseling, I felt very comfortable speaking freely with Daga.  She has many different experiences and tools that she shared with me which helped me in my time of crisis.  I have been able to use the skills, insights and literature she provided to help grow myself and my relationships.  For anybody who might need someone who can help, I highly recommend Dagmara."


"Through our work with Daga, we grew as a couple. Daga supported us in being more vulnerable and open with each other, guided us to improved communication, and helped us to have a more fulfilled sex life. Through our sessions with her, we deepened and strengthened our bond. We strongly recommend her."


"Daga was knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. I learned a lot about my sexual health and left sessions with ideas for how to improve intimacy with my partner."


"Before our sessions with Daga we worried our problems were impossible to overcome. However, after 2 months of working with her, we are amazed at the positive changes to our relationship. The best thing about working with Daga is how she always somehow made it so easy to discuss hard, intimate topics with her; Daga always made sure we felt comfortable. We couldn't recommend Daga enough, not only did she improve our present situation, she also set us up for the future."


"Absolutely wonderful - has it all - thorough knowledge and experience, great attitude, very pleasant, and does not waste time.  I guarantee you'll love working with her and will be amazed at how much information you will receive in one session.  I do not hesitate to recommend her!"


"My husband and I choose to do “maintenance” therapy one time a year. We complete 4-6 sessions of couples therapy to focus on “us” and reconnect within our relationship.


This year our focus was on sex therapy. We felt like we were on two separate pages and that our intimate connection wasn’t being nurtured. Enter Daga! She helped me to increase my confidence in the bedroom by guiding me through the exploration of underlying issues that we’re playing a large role in how I viewed myself. She offered great exercises and supplemental materials that increased our connection, communication, and intimacy with one another, by helping us to learn more about ourselves individually.


As a licensed professional counselor myself, I tend to be very picky when choosing a therapist. We stumbled on Daga by chance, and she has been the best counselor we have worked with. Her ability to attend to the needs of each individual while simultaneously providing support for us as a couple was top notch. Daga is well trained in her work and she will now be our go to for our yearly “tune up."


"Daga helped me with my relationship and effective communication with my wife, as well as helping me improve my work and home life through focus techniques and mindfulness. She is extremely thorough, professional, and most importantly to me, she listens to my concerns."


"My partner and I came to Dagmara to get a better understanding of one another and see what it would take for our relationship to thrive. Over the 6 months, she patiently and thoughtfully guided us through exercises, without judgment, to better understand each other, ourselves and our individual needs as well as what our relationship needed to grow.

I learned how to accept and appreciate my partner, how not to take everything personally and where/how I could compromise for our relationship to really grow if we decided to pursue a future together. I’ve grown SO much personally since we started working together. I developed tools to really hear, understand and empathize with a partner. I’ve become much more self aware of my own actions and emotions and how I can show up as my best self and take care of a partner’s well being in a relationship.

This has been a very eye opening and rewarding experience and

I highly recommend her!"


"My time working with Daga was beneficial in ways that I consider invaluable. She provided a safe space for me to work through very difficult and uncomfortable issues that I had never felt safe talking about before. With her years of experience, she helped me to look even deeper into my struggles and helped me to unravel the origins of many faulty beliefs that were holding me back. Over time I became able to change my patterns of limiting thinking, and in turn change my actions to live the life that I want.

Overall, my time working with Daga was extremely beneficial, as she helped me to take major steps out of fear and into freedom."


"Before I met Daga, I almost gave up on therapy. Sessions with other therapists felt lackluster and left me more confused than before, and in those sessions I experienced a tickle of healing that barely scratched the surface. Now that I've been with Daga for around 2 years, I attribute the success in my relationships, career, and confidence to our sessions. Those sessions often left me in tears: tears of self-realization, tears of healing, and tears of hope. She has an uncanny ability to identify and simplify pain points which has created vital change in my life. I trust her to challenge my thoughts in a firm but compassionate way; she is not only a confidante, but someone who guides me through my thoughts and beliefs. 


In going to therapy with her, I've made large strides in self awareness, moving from understanding my healing conceptually to actually feeling change in my breath and bones. I rave about her to close friends and colleagues, and recommend others to her when I get the chance. Therapy is individualized, and maybe working with Daga won't be as life-changing for you as it was for me. But you'll never know until you try, and I can guarantee that with Daga, you are in competent and compassionate hands. I highly recommend working with her if you want to gain clarity and make powerful changes in your life."


Chronic health issues on both sides had conspired against us in the bedroom and in our relationship in general. The combination of Daga’s sessions, homework, recommended resources, and other medical assistance she helped us find, have made a huge difference in our 30+ year marriage. Daga took the time to listen, and helped us really share with each other and reconnect. Daga’s knowledge and skills are impressive, and we can’t thank her enough for all her help in returning our bedroom to our refuge and our playroom. 


Working with Dagmara has not just helped my mood in the short term, but she has helped me develop strategies for facing my more uncomfortable feelings. Her guidance has been invaluable in helping me understand why I think and feel the way I do, and to help me look at my perceptions with a new perspective. I am so very grateful for her kindness, patience and understanding as well as the straightforward ways in which she challenged me to examine my thoughts and reactions. I have benefitted from these skills personally, professionally and in my relationships.


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